1. Make a list of people who have supported you through 2016.

2. Mark your list as to whether these people are Clients, Referrers, Staff/Vendors/Colleagues, Employees, Partners or Peers.

3. Break your list into 2 categories; holiday cards only and holiday cards with gifts. At the very minimum you should be communicating with these people by sending them a holiday card.

4. Think about your budget and what you have to spend and what is the message you want to get across. Your gift-giving list will include clients and people who made this an extra special year for you.

5. Remember you are the only one who can do this. It is a very personal process which means you have to get involved and make this decision.

6. Timing is everything. Don’t wait til mid-December to start this process.

7. Look at how close we are to Thanksgiving, Chanukah and Christmas. Many wait til the 2nd week of December to get going on holiday cards and gift giving. This is too late!

8. Shoot for the last week of November for cards to be written and gifts to be sent out by the first week in December (by the 5th.)

9. Call Our Gift Biz. We customize for you and incorporate what you know about your client into a meaningful gift. We are experts at this and do it everyday for our clients. Call the gift guru’s at 804-516-9103.

10. Remember to make it magical in 2016. Start now and show how much you care! 



In 2000, Our Gift Biz founder and owner Becky Briggs, a Client Appreciation Expert created a premier gift boutique for companies throughout the US who were looking for a different way to stay in touch with those who matter most. “These companies want to stand out from the crowd and really impress the recipient. The old way of gift-giving simply doesn’t work for them any longer. They are looking for a company who understands not only the creative and messaging piece, but can deliver a consultative approach including in many cases a “client appreciation strategy and blueprint” for moving forward.” Specializing in custom-designs and finding the perfect gift is the ultimate goal, along with creating a meaningful, memorable, unique gift experience that WOW’s the recipient and keeps you TOP OF MIND.

Our Gift Biz is known as a leader in developing strategies to redefine the client experience and this expertise is critical to doing business today. The firm consults with many clients who struggle with how to spend their marketing dollars wisely and need new solutions for the future. Companies choose to outsource their gift-giving needs to Our Gift Biz because of their track record for how best to say thank you.

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