Becky Briggs is Founder and President of Our Gift Biz, a boutique gift business that provides multifaceted marketing solutions. A strategic advisor for clients in a variety of sectors, she trains companies how to develop strong strategic partners and unfolds the mystery of marketing successfully in today’s world. Becky Briggs consults with clients who struggle with how to spend their marketing dollars wisely and need new solutions for the future.

A Client Appreciation Expert, Becky launched her business15 years ago for companies throughout the US who were looking for a different way to stay in touch with those who matter most. Becky built her business expertise in a variety of fields, beginning with regional and national retail firms nearly 30 years ago, ultimately managing vendorand employee relations for one of the nation’s largest internationalconsulting firms before starting her own firm.

She strategizes with companies to create a campaign for nurturing, retaining and growing client relationships and provides unparalleled, customized services to clients for whom style, personal care and professionalism are paramount. Client appreciation and retention are critical for sustainability and growth, and Becky helps clients create strategies that ensure their companies consistently nurture established clients while cultivating new business.

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